Coronovirus Catch Up Premium

The Department for Education has announced a one off fund for 2020-21 which they want schools to use  for specific activities/resources to support  pupils to catch up for lost teaching over the previous months, in line with the curriculum expectations for the next academic year.

Rainford Brook Lodge will receive approximately £16,000 in total over the academic year which is given to us in three separate payments.  We have already spent on the following:

1. New assessment material which has the capacity to carry out online ‘question level analysis’ enabling teachers to identify gaps to plug in their planning and teaching.  This is running alongside our changes to planning and feedback procedures which are looking to ensure staff are able to ‘know and cater for every child’s needs, every day’ a priority in our school development plan this year.

2. We have also purchased a  piece of software that enables results from the assessments mentioned above to be tracked seamlessly against individual and class targets set to ensure progress is taking place.  This software also enable foundation subject progress and achievement to be tracked too.

3. We have purchased online resources to enhance our capacity when setting work for individuals or groups who need to isolate.

4. Extra reading books have also been purchased to ensure that given the gap in time some children may have had in their exposure to reading, they will be exposed to a greater range of texts at their level to fully consolidate their skills.

5. Additional resources in practical subjects such as Art and DT have also been purchased as children cannot necessarily share due to hygiene restictions and this will ensure children have a chance to catch up in the more practical sessions too.

From assessments at the end of the Autumn term, further priorities will be identified and spending prioritised as further funding becomes available.




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