Children at Brook Lodge follow the National Curriculum which can be accessed in full on the following link.

Whilst still following the National Curriculum, we are constantly adapting our curriculum to ensure it is bespoke to our community and is a curriculum that suits our children’s needs.   For example, children find out more about the history and geography of our locality, and also visit places of worship that they may not have experienced growing up in Rainford.

At Brook Lodge, some subjects are taught discretely, but where cross-curricular opportunities arise, these are taken.  We want children to not only develop and remember the skills and knowledge in one area but be able to apply these in others.

Information about the Long Term coverage for each year group and how we teach phonics can be found on the pages in this section and more detail can be found for each year group’s curriculum in the ‘children’ section where you can find the link to your preferred year group.

Our curriculum is supplemented by our extra-curricular offer which can be found on the extra-curriculum page.

Key policies linked to the curriculum can be found here as well as in our policies section.

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