Autumn 1 2021

We would like to welcome you to our class page. This will be updated each half term, to briefly tell you our topics and about activities that we are completing within the setting.

Our main aim during Autumn one is making sure that the children feel happy and secure within the environment and so support them in forming relationships with their peers / adults working with them.  We will spend lots of time modelling play and ‘coaching’ the children to use the environment properly, encouraging independence, confidence and self esteem.

Our topic this half term is ‘All about me’ and ‘People who help us’. We will be looking at ourselves as an individual and what makes us unique as well as similarities and differences with our peers. Children will be encouraged to talk about their families, likes and dislikes, pets and daily routines etc.

We will then look at ‘People who help us’ such as doctors/nurses, firefighters, police officers, vets etc as well as people who help us in school. Each week we will have a book linked to the theme, as well as a weekly rhyme that will be sent home so they can sing it to you.

We are confident that your children will have a fun, safe, varied and enjoyable experience at Tadpoles. Please follow us on Twitter for weekly updates @MuganRBL. We will also share their experiences through our observation tool called ‘Evidence Me’. You are also able to share experiences that your child has had via this tool and we can share experiences at school and will send them to you.

Thanks for your continued support,

J Mugan