Year 1

Class Teachers:

Mrs Gill (All day Monday & Tuesday plus a Wednesday Morning)

Mrs Hollman (Thursday & Friday)

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Kime

Miss Atherton

Welcome to Year 1!

We hope you all had a wonderful Summer, and the children are ready to continue their learning journey in Key Stage 1.

The Year 1 team is: Mrs Gill (all day Monday & Tuesday plus a Wednesday morning) Mrs Hollman (In school on a Wednesday but teaching Thursday & Friday) Mr Seary will teach PE on a Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Kime works within Key Stage 1 from Tuesday-Friday mornings and Miss Atherton works all day everyday within Key Stage 1.

On a Friday afternoon, the children will have the opportunity for ‘Show & Tell’. This is where they can bring in special objects, photographs or certificates from home to share with the class and talk about why they have brought them in. Due to the short amount of time that we have for this within the timetable, each colour team will take it in turns each week.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2














If you have any questions, you can arrange an appointment by contacting the office.




Your child should access Numbots at least once a week. This gives them the opportunity to develop their skills within number.


Your child should read at least 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Learning to read and understand what we read is paramount and, for children and adults alike, it opens up doors to endless opportunities. Read, Write Inc is our Phonics programme that focuses on developing children’s reading, fluency and understanding. With its repetitive nature it quickly develops the children’s ability to decode unfamiliar words as well support them through any writing process. With this in mind, it is essential that the children read as much as possible at home and ensure that they bring their reading book and record into school on a daily basis. This enables us to change their books regularly and give them access to a wider range of genres whilst developing their love of reading.


There will no longer be a weekly ‘spelling test’ where children are just expected to learn lists of words. Research suggests that the vast majority of pupils do not benefit from these types of tests as they do not transfer their knowledge used in tests to their writing. Furthermore, such spelling tests do not promote enthusiasm or engagement with spelling. When formal spellings start in KS1, in the summer term, each week, a copy of the weekly ‘focus words’ will be sent home, so you are aware of what spelling rules/patterns children are learning that week. There is still the same expectation for your child to practise these rules as part of their weekly homework (even though there is no longer a set weekly spelling test).


Year 1’s PE lesson is on a Wednesday afternoon and is led by Mr Seary. Children are required to wear their full PE kits to school on this day or they will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. If there are reasons why your child cannot take part in these lessons, a written note must detail the reasons why.

Autumn 1


At the start of the term, we will spend time assessing the children in reading, phonics and Read Write Inc (RWI) so we know exactly where the children are upto and what groups they need to be in. We will then start the year with a focus on the book ‘Lost and Found’. Our key objectives that we will cover are: combine words to make sentences, leave spaces between words, begin to use capitals letters and full stops, use capital letters for the names of people and the personal pronoun ‘I’. By the end of the topic, we would hope that the children can write their own adventure story based of the structure of Lost and Found. Alongside of this we will continue to focus on spelling the days of the week and the Y1 Common Exception Words as well as naming the letters of the alphabet.


We will start the term working with numbers within 10. We will look at one more, one less than a given number, reading and writing the numbers in digits and words, number bonds to 10 before moving onto addition and subtraction within 10. The children need lots of practise of representing numbers in lots of different ways (tally, money, word, digits, fingers, tens frames).

Other areas of the curriculum:


Deleted:We will start the year with a focus on ‘Our Country’. The children will name and locate the 4 countries of the UK on a map. They will learn the name of the relevant seas and capital cities. We will learn about London and some of it’s famous landmarks before comparing London to Rainford. We are hoping to plan a local walk around the village, so that the children learn about directional language.


Deleted:In Science, our focus is ‘All about me’. The children will explore using their different senses, how and why it is important to take care of your body, label a basic human body and learn about changes in themselves from babies to now.


In computing, the children will develop their basic computer skills of how to log on and safely shutdown a computer, they will practise using a mouse with increasing confidence to double click, open various applications and how to manipulate an application window by moving and resizing.


In Music our topic is ‘Hey You!’ is written in an Old-School Hip Hop style for children to learn about the differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch and to learn how to rap and enjoy it in its original form. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other Old-School Hip Hop tunes.


In Art this half term the children will use a sketchbook to gather and collect artwork. They will use coloured pencils and felt tip pens to create a self-portrait. Explore the use of line by experimenting with thickness and styles (straight, curved, wavy etc), select paintbrushes for purpose, i.e. large brush for larger shapes, finer for more intricate painting and mix secondary colours using poster paint. Our Focus artists are: Picasso and Paul Klee


In PSHE this half term our focus is about transition to Year 1 and all about me. The children will focus on how we are all unique and recognise that everyone has different strengths. We will look at our likes and dislikes and how we are the same or different to our friends.


In RE this year our over-arching question is: ‘What do people say about God?’ we will look at various aspects of different religions based about this key question. In relation to this, this half term we will focus on Christianity and Why do Christians say that God is a ‘Father’? We will discuss God being the father as well as looking at the Lord’s prayer.


Mr Seary will teach the children PE on a Wednesday afternoon. This half term his focus will be ball skills and playing kick rounders.