Year 3

Class Teacher:

Miss Tilley

Learning Support Assistant:

Mrs Knott

Thank you for visiting our page. Here you will find information on timetables, homework, general expectations and details of your child’s learning. If you have any questions, you can arrange an appointment by contacting the office.  



10 spellings to be tested every Tuesday through a dictation exercise. Sentences including the weekly spellings will be read out slowly and repeated as often as your child requires. They will write the whole sentence focusing on high frequency words, handwriting and punctuation. They will also have 3 additional spellings, which follow the same spelling pattern/rule, to ensure they have learnt how to apply this to unknown words. 

Times Tables

By the end of Year 3, children are required to know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 times tables.  It is important for your child to practice these as often as possible as it will help them in their maths lessons too. By Year 4, your child will be required to do a multiplication check where they will need to know all their times tables up to 12×12 fluently, therefore starting off this learning early will ensure they are confident to do this.  


Your child should read at least 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Reading is such a vital skill and will help your child to feel more confident and flourish across all areas of the curriculum. Reading records will be collected in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure that your child is on track. This enables us to change their books regularly and give them access to a wider range of genres whilst developing their love of reading.   If your child does not read often enough, they will take part in a ‘catch up’ session on a Friday break time, where they will be given the opportunity to read to an adult or their peers. 


 PE lessons are on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning. Children are required come into school wearing their full PE kits on this day or they will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. If there are reasons why your child cannot take part in these lessons, a written note must detail the reasons why.

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Miss Tilley is out of class for her NQT and preparation time. Therefore, Mrs Greaves will carry out the spelling test.

Home Learning Details

In the event of a whole class bubble needing to isolate or if your child is waiting for Covid test results so is unable to attend school, your child has been provided with login details to access a range of resources online. These login details can be found in the front of their yellow reading records, so please keep these safe so no online learning is missed. Further details, including planning, will be communicated with parents within 24 hours of a class bubble going home and/or school being informed of a need for your child to isolate. Below, you will find links to the websites where work may be set:

Purple Mash

Rising Stars (online reading books and comprehension)

Times Tables Rockstars

Developing Experts (Science)

Language Angels (Spanish)

 Summer 2

English: We will be finishing our last term exploring an excellent book called, ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’ by Dianne Hofmeyr. There will be a strong emphasis on planning and writing a persuasive guide for visiting Zeraffa at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Children will construct simple organisational devices to aid presentation, such as, headings and subheadings. In our guides, we will be focusing on using persuasive language which includes alliteration and repetition. Finally, there will be a strong emphasis on using tenses correctly including the progressive form and the present perfect form.

Maths: We will start this term by continuing working on being able to tell the time. This can be a tricky concept for children to grasp so please try and reinforce this at home to help. Next, we will be moving on to exploring shape which will consist of exploring properties of shapes. Finally, we will finish our maths curriculum covering mass and capacity.  

Here you will find useful websites/links to help support your child at home in other areas of the curriculum:


This half term we will be moving on to explore the world of forces and magnets! Children will learn the different types of magnets and why they attract and repel.
Forces – Year 3-4 / P4-5 Science Collection – Home Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize


We will be exploring Ancient Egypt this term. We will start by locating Egypt and the River Nile on a map then we will explore the hierarchy of people at this time.  
An introduction to Ancient Egypt – BBC Bitesize


We will be exploring friendships and how to be a good friend. Then, we move on to discuss about falling out with friends. Finally, we finish with identifying male and female body parts.


We will be looking at Hinduism this term.
What is Hinduism? – BBC Bitesize


We will be participating in the Great Bread Bakeoff (linked to our History topic) where the children will create their own bread!


We will be looking at preparing for Sports Day activities.