Year 4

Class Teacher:

Miss Davenport

Learning Support Assistant:

Miss Knott

Thank you for visiting our page. Here you will find information on timetables, homework, general expectations and details of your child’s learning. If you have any questions, you can arrange an appointment by contacting the office.  



We are now using the ‘pathways to spell’ scheme which links in with our ‘pathways to write’ English scheme. Children have 3 guided and 3 independent sessions of spelling a week where we investigate and learn spelling rules through games and activities.

On Friday, your child will be tested on 5 words which follow the focus rule for the week. Use the week to practice the rule with a range of words. They will also be tested on 3 topic words which are the words we will be using in our topic lessons. Children will then identify 2 spelling words that they regularly spell wrong in their writing. They must practice these words each week and will test with a partner on Friday. New spellings will then be given on a Friday ready for the following week.

Autumn 2 Overview

Times Tables

This year, every Year 4 child in the country will take part in a Government Multiplication Tables Check. This requires them to answer times tables questions (up to 12x tables) fluently (within 6 seconds). With this in mind, it is important for your child to practice their times tables as often as possible. They have been given login details to access Times Tables Rockstars, which makes this learning fun and relevant to their strengths and areas for development. This should be used frequently for 10-15 minutes sessions. They have also been shown how to use ‘maths frame’ which is an online website where they can practice their time tables in conditions similar to that of the Multiplication Tables Check. They must access Times Table Rockstars for at least 10-15 mins at least 4 times a week. If not, they will have to lose some of their breaktime on a Friday.


Your child should read at least 4 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Reading is such a vital skill and will help your child to feel more confident across all areas of the curriculum. Reading records will be collected daily to ensure your child is on track, so please write in these regularly. If your child does not read often enough, they will take part in a ‘catch up’ session on a Friday break time, where they will be given the opportunity to read to an adult or their peers. 


PE lessons are on a Wednesday and a Friday. Children are required to come in to school in their full PE kits on this day or they will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. If there are reasons why your child cannot take part in these lessons, a written note must detail the reasons why.

Miss Davenport will have her time out of class during these PE slots where Mr Seary will take the lessons. The children will also be having some of their PE lessons delivered by Miss Hall from Rainford High School.

Home Learning Details

In the event of a whole class bubble needing to isolate or if your child is waiting for Covid test results so is unable to attend school, your child has been provided with login details to access a range of resources online. These login details can be found in the front of their yellow reading records, so please keep these safe so no online learning is missed. Further details, including planning, will be communicated with parents within 24 hours of a class bubble going home and/or school being informed of a need for your child to isolate. Below, you will find links to the websites where work may be set:

Purple Mash

Rising Stars (online reading books and comprehension)

Times Tables Rockstars

Developing Experts (Science)

Language Angels (Spanish)

Autumn 2

English: This term, we will be exploring the text ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. For our final big write, we will be creating a secret diary. Throughout this story we will be extending our sentences by using a range of conjunctions, show possession with apostrophes and build a rich and varied use of vocabulary. 



Maths: During this term, we will be starting our learning in maths off with Multiplication and Division. We will spend time learning and rehearsing multiplication facts for the times tables up to the 12 times table. We will also learn how to multiply by 1 and 0. 

Other areas of the curriculum:


Our unit this term is ‘Electricity’. Through this unit, we will be finding out about and matching circuit symbols as well as building our own circuits to experiment how to make a light bulb brighter.


This term, we will be exploring the Ancient Greeks. Before starting, we will recap the Ancient Egyptians from Year 3. Then, during our topic, we will explore Ancient Greece on a map and learn about Athens and Sparta. We will create a persuasive argument for whether we would choose to be an Athenian or a Spartan and we will also look at the first Olympic games and explore how it has developed over time.


In RE, we will be exploring the question: ‘How and why do Christians use the Bible?’. We will explain why Christians might also look to other sources of authority when making decisions about how to live and explore books of the Bible to work out why the Bible might be described by some as a library.


This half term, we are going to be exploring hazards, dangers and risks and learn basic first aid procedures. We will have a session delivered by a member of the North West ambulance service so that we can learn and practise basic CPR. We will also learn about treating minor burns and sprains and what to do in an emergency situation.


For DT week at the end of term, we will be exploring Greek Pavilions. We will design our own Pavilions using Greek architecture and then create small models of our Pavilions using a range of different materials.


Please see ‘Curriculum – Long Term Plans’  for a more detailed breakdown of objectives