Year 5

Class Teacher:

Miss H Greaves

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs K Appleton

Thank you for visiting our page. Here you will find information on timetables, homework, general expectations and details of your child’s learning. If you have any questions, you can arrange an appointment by contacting the office.


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We are now using the ‘pathways to spell’ scheme which links in with our ‘pathways to write’ English scheme. Children have 3 guided and 3 independent sessions of spelling a week where we investigate and learn spelling rules through games and activities.

On Friday, your child will be tested on 5 words which follow the focus rule for the week. Use the week to practice the rule with a range of words. They will also be tested on 3 topic words, which are the words we will be using in our topic lessons. Children will then identify 2 spelling words that they regularly spell wrong in their writing. They must practice these words each week and will test with a partner on Friday. New spellings will then be given on a Friday, ready for the following week.

Y5 Autumn 1 Spelling Overview

 Times Tables

It is important for your child to practise their times tables as often as possible. Children will be reminded of their login details which will enable them to access Times Tables Rockstars, which makes this learning fun and relevant to their strengths and areas for development. This should be used frequently for 10-15 minutes sessions. At the end of each Maths Unit, children will have a times tables test.


Your child should read at least 4 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Reading is such a vital skill and will help your child to feel more confident across all areas of the curriculum. Children will receive two reading books; a levelled book and a pleasure book which will be kept in reading/homework folder. Children will be required to bring this folder into school every day. Reading records will be collected daily to ensure your child is on track, so please write in these regularly. If your child does not read often enough, they will take part in a ‘catch up’ session on a Friday break time, where they will be given the opportunity to catch up on the reading they have missed.


Year 5 will start their swimming lessons on Wednesday 7th September. They will take place each Wednesday morning for 6 weeks. Children can come into school in their school PE tracksuit in order to speed up the changing process. No two-piece costumes are allowed at the pool so girls should wear a one piece swimming costume. Boys should wear swimming shorts with no pockets. Children will be back at school before lunchtime so will have their lunch as normal.

During this half term, children will also have a PE session with Mr Seary on a Friday morning. School PE tracksuits can therefore be worn on a Friday too. Children will not be allowed to participate in the lesson if they are not wearing the correct kit. If there are reasons why your child cannot take part in these lessons, a written note must detail the reasons why. Please note that this day could change after half term, but for the meantime, PE will be on a Friday morning.

Trips and Visits

During this academic year, children will have the opportunity to learn ‘outside’ the classroom. I am currently in the process of arranging a trip to Copple Hey Farm in Autumn 2 to support our D&T topic on food. I have also arranged a visit to the Western Approaches Museum in Spring 1, where children will learn about Liverpool’s role in the war, the operation of Liverpool’s underground war bunker and the stories of the people who worked there. I am also in talks with Allerton Hebrew Congregation regarding a visit to the Synagogue to support our learning on Judaism in the Summer term. 

Further details regarding trips will be sent out in due course.

Home Learning Details

In the event of school absence, your child has been provided with login details to access a range of resources online. These login details can be found in the front of their yellow reading records, so please keep these safe, If you need a copy of these details please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Purple Mash

Rising Stars (online reading books and comprehension)

Times Tables Rockstars

Developing Experts (Science)

Language Angels (Spanish)



In English, we will be exploring the ‘Queen of the Falls’ by Chris Van Allsburg. Annie Taylor, a fussy sixty-two year old widow, runs a charm school, right by Niagara Falls. When this starts to fail, she resolves to find fame and fortune by being the first person ever to go over the thundering waters of Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Through this story, we will be learning how to identify the audience and purpose for writing, organise paragraphs around a theme with a focus on more complex narrative structures, use commas after fronted adverbials and to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity in writing.

We will apply all these skills to help us to write a series of diaries about significant events in Annie Edson Taylor’s life.


During this half term we will be covering two units; ‘Decimals’ and ‘Position and Direction’.

This block follows on from learning on decimals in the Spring term. Children will learn how to add and subtract decimals with the same and different decimal places, explore decimal sequences, and multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

In terms of position and direction, this block builds on plotting and reading coordinates in Year 4. Throughout this unit, children will describe and draw position, translate shapes, identify lines of symmetry and explore reflection with co-ordinates.

In addition to their daily Maths lesson, children will also complete morning maths questions and will have an arithmetic test every Friday.



This ‘Forces’ unit will teach children about types of forces such as gravity, friction, water resistance and air resistance. Children will also learn about the use of mechanisms such as levers, gears and pulleys. Children will identify forces and find out about Isaac Newton and his discoveries about gravity. They will look for patterns and links between the mass and weight of objects, using newton meters to measure the force of gravity. Children will work collaboratively to investigate air and water resistance and they will have the opportunity to work in a hands-on way to explore friction. During some of the practical science work, children will discuss how variables other than the one being tested can be kept the same to help make a test fair. Finally, they will find out about different mechanisms, including levers, gears and pulleys.

KS2 Science Forces and Magnets



European Capital Cities

During this unit, children will learn the names of capital cities around the world and use longitude and latitude to label these countries on a map. Children will also use the intercardinal points to describe the position of one city with another and investigate what time it is in each country. Children will be taught to read temperature charts, use graphs to record the population of different capital cities as well as use atlases to name and locate mountain ranges, and name and locate the longest rivers in each of the capital cities.

European Capitals



Christianity: God

Focus Question:  Why is it sometimes difficult to do the right thing?

This unit enables children to explore Christian beliefs and teachings about sin and temptation and introduce core Christian concepts such as The Fall, Original Sin, Free Will, forgiveness and reconciliation. Children will be encouraged to make links with prior learning about the creation story in Genesis 1 and with their knowledge of baptism. They will have the opportunity to analyse and ask questions about the story found in Genesis 3 and will deepen their understanding of how and why Christians use the Bible by exploring different Christian interpretations of the text.

The Creation Story



Online Safety

In this unit, children will learn about email safety with a focus on preventing and dealing with spam. They will consider the importance of strong passwords and learn how to create them. Children will build on their knowledge of plagiarism and fair use of people’s work by learning how to write citations and references for websites they may use. They will scrutinise photographs that they see online and learn how easy it is to manipulate pictures and present them as reality.

Safer Internet Day during this academic year is Tuesday 14th February 2023.

KS2 E-Safety for Kids



¿Tienes una mascota? (Do You Have a Pet?)

During this half term, Spanish will be delivered by a specialist modern foreign language teacher.

In this unit the children will learn how to repeat, recognise and attempt to spell the eight nouns for pets in Spanish, tell somebody in Spanish if they have or do not have a pet and ask somebody else in Spanish if they have a pet. Children will also attempt to create a longer phrase using the connectives Y (“and”) or PERO (“but”).



Livin’ On A Prayer

All the learning is focused around one song: Livin’ On A Prayer. The material presents an integrated approach to music where games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), singing and playing instruments are all linked. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other classic rock songs.



European Landmarks

Artist Focus: Yves Klein

Art will be taught as a blocked unit during the last week of this half term.  Children will be exploring the work of the French artist Yves Klein and the monochrome paintings he made during his short life. Children will research different European landmarks and use sketchbooks to collect and record their ideas, taking influence from Klein’s work.

Who is Yves Klein?


Year 5 Long Term Planning Overview

 Please see ‘Curriculum – Long Term Plans’  for a more detailed breakdown of objectives