Year 6 2020 – 2021
Mr Moore
Year 6 Teacher

Summer Term

And here it is Year 6, your last half-term in Brook Lodge! I hope you’ve had a lovely half-term period and you’ve enjoyed the sunshine during our holidays! During this half term, we will be learning about a range of different topics and subjects. This will include a piece of writing based on an image, where I will allow creativity to flow and your ideas to come to the forefront of your writing. In Maths, we will be completing the Year 6 curriculum by learning about shape and angles. Once this has been covered, we will recap the Maths curriculum in revision lessons. 

In P.E., we will be learning athletic and practicing for sports day, this will continue to be taught on Monday afternoons. In Geography, we’ll be learning about deserts, particularly focusing on biomes and vegetation belts. In Science, we will be learning about evolution and inheritance. In R.E., we will be learning about God in Christianity, particularly John the Baptist and baptisms and in PSHE we will be covering the final part of the SRE primary curriculum. 

As well as completing our National Curriculum objectives, we will also complete fun and challenging tasks to ensure that the end of Year 6 is an enjoyable and exciting time in our pupil’s lives. Also, we will be liaising with Rainford High to complete transition activities to ensure all of our pupils feel comfortable and confident when entering high school. 


Welcome Meeting

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 and social distancing measures, we will not be holding our usual ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting. Alternatively, I have created a PowerPoint Presentation with all of the information on that would have been discussed as well as a voice-over from myself explaining some of the points. The link for this is here (please select start slideshow from beginning and it should start automatically going through the slides with a voice-over):

Parent’s Welcome Meeting – Year 6 – Mr Moore

If you have any questions then please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Homework will be given to the pupils each Wednesday afternoon to be completed and handed in the on the following Wednesday morning. We will review the homework each Wednesday afternoon to ensure that any misconceptions and altered and corrected. This work will support your child’s learning in class and will help towards their SATs revision closer to May. 


The half-termly spelling list will be given to your child to take home and their spellings will be practiced in school each Monday and Tuesday morning. They will then have their weekly spelling test on Friday morning – this will include three additional words which follow the same spelling rule as a challenge.

Key Links For Home Learning




SATs Information