Year 6

Class Teacher: Mrs Pullen & Mrs Roberts

Thank you for visiting our page. Here you will find information on timetables, homework, general expectations and details of your child’s learning. If you have any questions, you can arrange an appointment by contacting the office.



We are now using the ‘pathways to spell’ scheme which links in with our ‘pathways to write’ English scheme. Children have 3 guided and 3 independent sessions of spelling a week where we investigate and learn spelling rules through games and activities.

On Friday, your child will be tested on 5 words which follow the focus rule for the week. Use the week to practice the rule with a range of words. They will also be tested on 3 topic words which are the words we will be using in our topic lessons. Children will then identify 2 spelling words that they regularly spell wrong in their writing. They must practice these words each week and will test with a partner on Friday. New spellings will then be given on a Friday ready for the following week.

Maths Homework

It is important for your child to practice their times tables as often as possible to help develop their confidence and fluency in all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12. They will then apply these skills to help them feel more confident in all areas of maths lessons (including their SATS in May). They have been given login details to access Times Tables Rockstars, which makes this learning fun and relevant to their strengths and areas for development. This should be used frequently for 10-15 minutes sessions.

Year 6 children will receive weekly Maths homework including arithmetic and reasoning and problem solving. 


Your child should read at least 4 times a week for 15-20 minutes. Reading is such a vital skill and will help your child to feel more confident across all areas of the curriculum. Reading records will be collected daily to ensure your child is on track, so please write in these regularly. If your child does not read often enough, they will take part in a ‘catch up’ session on a Friday break time, where they will be given the opportunity to read to an adult or their peers.


Year 6 will have their PE lesson with Mrs Roberts on a Thursday afternoon whilst Mrs Pullen has her PPA time. Children are therefore required to come into school wearing their PE kits on Thursdays.


We have booked our residential trip to PGL on Wednesday 28th June until Friday 30th June. During this time, the children will be taking part in lots of activities and enjoying special time with their friends before their move to High School! Mrs Catherall has now set up payments for this on Parent Pay which will be collected in smaller installments throughout the year.

The total cost per child is £365.90. This will cover all activities, meals and bedding for the duration of their stay. Further details will follow nearer the time however you can access the link below to give you an idea of what the residential entails.

Parent Information Page

Further details regarding PGL will be sent out closer to the time.


Home Learning Details

In the event of a whole class bubble needing to isolate or if your child is waiting for Covid test results so is unable to attend school, your child has been provided with login details to access a range of resources online. These login details can be found in the front of their yellow reading records, so please keep these safe so no online learning is missed. Further details, including planning, will be communicated with parents within 24 hours of a class bubble going home and/or school being informed of a need for your child to isolate. Below, you will find links to the websites where work may be set:

Purple Mash

Rising Stars (online reading books and comprehension)

Times Tables Rockstars

Developing Experts (Science)

Language Angels (Spanish)


Please follow our class twitter page to keep up to date with our learning and achievements.

(1) Year 6 Mrs Pullen & Mrs Roberts (@Pullen2RBL) / Twitter


English – This term, we will be looking at the book ‘Island – A Story of the Galapagos’. “Charles Darwin first visited the Galapagos Islands almost 200 years ago, only to discover a land filled with plants and animals that could not be found anywhere else on earth. After reading, the children will write a journalistic report (hybrid) about Charles Darwin’s discoveries with a focus on using a variety of verb forms, a wide range of devices to build cohesion, organisational and presentational devices to structure text and the use of colons to mark boundaries between independent clauses.

Island, A Story of the Galapagos – YouTube

Grammar – KS2 English – BBC Bitesize





Maths – This half term we will be revising and extending our existing knowledge of fractions, decimals & percentages, area & perimeter , statistics and properties of shapes.

Area & Perimeter – Find and draw rectilinear shapes that have the same area. They will use their knowledge of factors to draw rectangles with different areas. They will make connections between side lengths and factors. Perimeter and area – Perimeter and area – National 4 Application of Maths Revision – BBC Bitesize

Properties of Shapes – Revisits measuring angles using a protractor from Year 5. They will recap how to line up the protractor accurately, and
identify which side of the scale to read. They link this to their understanding of angle sizes. They will read the measurement and practice measuring
angles given in different orientations. Properties of quadrilaterals – 2D and 3D shapes – KS3 Maths Revision – BBC Bitesiz

Statistics – Build on their experience of interpreting data in context from Year 5, using their knowledge of scales to read information accurately. Statistics – Comparing data sets using statistics – National 5 Maths Revision – BBC Bitesize

Children will also continue to have daily arithmetic sessions and weekly Maths homework.