Autumn 1

In English, we will be exploring the story 'Queen of the Falls' Chris Van Allsburg.

The story follows 62-year-old  Annie Edson Taylor who remembers getting closer and closer to Niagara Falls with her father, entranced by the sight and sound of the water. Finally, as a 62-year-old, she goes over the falls in a wooden barrel, seeking fortune and fame.

We will be working on using fronted adverbials, including the 5 W's and using rhetorical questions to engage the reader. 

We will apply all these skills to help us to write our own series of diary entries written in role as Annie Edson Taylor. 

In addition to their daily English lesson, children will also complete handwriting practise, following our school's handwriting policy, SPAG practise, Reading Comprehension and will have a spelling test EVERY FRIDAY.