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Year 6 2023 - 2024

Class Teacher:

Ms Kathryn Hodkinson (Deputy Headteacher)

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Spedding & Miss Millington 

Welcome to Year 6

Thank you for visiting our page. Here you will find information on timetables, homework and details of your child’s learning (on the additional tabs). If you have any questions, please make an appointment via the school office.

Homework Expectations

Please ensure children complete the following homework weekly:

Spellings – Spelling patterns/rules are taught using the ‘Pathways to Spell’ scheme. Your child will bring home a spelling rule homework sheet every Friday with examples of spellings they will be taught the following week in class. Please explore these patterns/rules with your child and investigate words which follow this rule. They will also be given three ‘topic’ related words to learn as well as two words which they have found difficult to spell in their work. These will be personal to your child according to their needs. They will then be tested on their spellings every Friday morning and their scores will be fed back to you. They may have to repeat certain spellings if they consistently mis-spell them in their day-today class work.    

Reading – Your child will be given a levelled and pleasure book (if they do not have access to one at home). Your child needs to read their levelled reading books at least 4 times a week at home for around 15 minutes. Reading records need to be signed by an adult, including the date and numbers of pages read. If your child has finished the book, please indicate this so it can be changed. Books will be changed every Friday. 

We also encourage children to read books for pleasure with you at home. These can be borrowed from school or can be books/magazines you have at home. Reading before bedtime is a lovely way to wind down after a busy day and allows for precious bonding time with your child. Please let us know what books your have enjoyed reading together using the book list pages in your child’s reading record.

Some children may be ready to progress on to 'free reader' books where they can choose what they would like to read. This will only occur when they can demonstrate fluency, expression and a deep understanding of what they have read at our highest reading level -  20. We have recently purchased new reading books for Key Stage 2 children, so your child may be moved back onto a levelled reading book if deemed necessary to expose them to the variety of genres and vocabulary we can now offer. With the increased expectations of reading comprehension in the KS2 SATs, this is an imperative resource and will allow your child to feel more confident answering comprehension questions quickly, concisely and accurately.   

Times Tables – Children have access to Times Tables Rockstars to practise their times tables and we expect children to access this resource at least 3 times a week. All children have been supplied with their login details, however, if these are needed again, please do not hesitate to ask. Each week, children will be tested on a given times tables(s). A homework sheet will be sent home every Friday detailing the multiplication fact(s) to be covered and they will be tested the following Friday afternoon to ensure they can fluently recall the relevant multiplcation and division facts. Knowing these facts is such an important skill and will enable your child to access many areas of the Y6 maths curriculum with more confidence. Those children who know their times tables can focus more on their methods of calculation rather than losing track by having to count on their fingers. Please support your child with this and highlight the importance of knowing these key facts.    

TT Rockstars Link


PE – Children will take part in PE every Wednesday morning with Mr Seary. This is to cover Mrs Hodkinson's PPA time. Please come in to school wearing PE kits on this day according to school policy.  

Science - Every Wednesday afternoon, the children will have Science with Mrs Spedding. This is to cover Mrs Hodkinson's management time. The children are very lucky as Mrs Spedding was a previous secondary science teacher and has a real passion and gift in this subject. Prepare for some fantastic lessons throughout the year! 

Our timetable will change slightly in order to prepare us a little more for our SATs, however; we will still be enjoying lots of subjects, including Spanish, RE and PSHE.


Year 6: Events items

KS2 Cricket/Rounders, by Mrs Catherall

KS2 Cricket/Rounders, by Mrs Catherall