Foundation Subjects

Other areas of the curriculum:


We will start the year with a focus on ‘Our Village’.  The children will learn what a village, town and city are and how they compare.  They will use directional language to describe where things are in our village and we will create our own maps.  During this half term, we will also go on a local walk around our village.


In computing, the children will develop their basic computer skills of how to log on and safely shutdown a computer, they will practise using a mouse with increasing confidence to double click, open various applications and how to manipulate an application window by moving and resizing.


In Music our topic is ‘Hey You!’ is written in an Old-School Hip Hop style for children to learn about the differences between pulse, rhythm and pitch and to learn how to rap and enjoy it in its original form. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children will listen and appraise other Old-School Hip Hop tunes.


In Art this half term the children will use a sketchbook to gather and collect artwork. They will use coloured pencils and felt tip pens to create a self-portrait. Explore the use of line by experimenting with thickness and styles (straight, curved, wavy etc),  select paintbrushes for purpose, i.e. large brush for larger shapes, finer for more intricate painting and mix secondary colours using poster paint.  Our Focus artists are: Picasso and Paul Klee



In PSHE this half term is to respect each other and ourselves.  We will talk about how our behaviours affect others, how to be polite and respectful as well as the different roles within families.



In RE this year our over-arching question is: ‘What do people say about God?’ we will look at various aspects of different religions based about this key question.  In relation to this, this half term we will focus on Christianity and Why do Christians say that God is a ‘Father’? We will discuss God being the father as well as looking at the Lord’s prayer. 



Mr Seary will teach the children PE on a Wednesday afternoon.  This half term his focus will be ball skills and playing kick rounders.