Foundation Subjects


Topic (Geography)

During this half term, children will be learning all about Mountains and Rivers. Throughout this unit, we will identify different types of mountains and how they are formed, find out where the main mountain regions are in the UK, explore main features of a river, identify key rivers of the UK, and lots more!

Exploring Mountains - BBC Bitesize

Exploring River - BBC Bitesize


We will start each half termly unit with an online safety lesson, in which children will learn about the risks of the internet, and how to keep themselves safe online. Anti-Bullying Week 2023 will take place from Monday 13th - Friday 17th November. 

We will then move on to learning about Computing Systems and Networks (The Internet). Children will apply their knowledge and understanding of networks, to appreciate the internet as a network of networks which need to be kept secure. They will learn that the World Wide Web is part of the internet, and will be given opportunities to explore the World Wide Web for themselves in order to learn about who owns content and what they can access, add, and create. Finally, they will evaluate online content to decide how honest, accurate, or reliable it is, and understand the consequences of false information.

Online Safety


At Brook Lodge we are fortunate enough to have our own Modern Foreign Languages teaher, Miss Zarain. This half term's unit is called Presenting Myself and throughout this unit, children will learn how to answer questions on how they are, how to say their name in Spanish and ask somebody their name in Spanish, revise numbers 1-20 and practice further their role play.

Introducing Myself in Spanish


In Music this half term, children will be learning all about Abba. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with the well-known song Mamma Mia, children will listen and appraise more ABBA hits.

ABBA Medley


Our Art topic this half term, will be focussed around drawing and painting landcsapes. Children will research the artist Thomas Cole and produce a landscape in the style of Cole using a variety of drawing and painting techniques.

All About Thomas Cole


During the Autumn term, children will be learning all about; Family and Friends, Safe Relationships and Respecting Ourselves and Others. Children will learn how to form posotive frienships, respond to hurful behaviour, how to manage confidence, and recognise prejudice and discrimination. 

Relationships Education and Health Education


Children will be learning all about Hindu Dharma this half term. the focus includes Brahman, Moksha, Law of Karma, Dharma, Yoga, Family, Community, Traditions and Worship.  Opportunities are provided for children to explore specific duties in daily life and Hindu tradition and to relate these to issues of responsibilities and obligations in their lives.

Hinduism - BBC Bitesize


This half term, children will be deveoping their football and athletic skills. We will be dribbling and changing direction at speed, learning how to demonstrate accuracy and distance when passing, developing ways to beat an opponent, develooing pacing and strategy regarding athletic events, and combining technique and power when performing

Physical Education - BBC Bitesize