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Foundation Subjects



Topic (Geography)

During this half term, children will be learning all about Rainforests. Children will locate the equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the Greenwich Meridian on are on a world map, they will learn the term ‘tropics’ and discuss climate in this area and understand that this is where the rainforests of the world are found. Children will learn what is meant by biomes and what are the features of a specific biome. Finally, children will identify most famous rainforests of the world on a map, label layers of a rainforest and identify features of each.

Rainforests - BBC Teach


We will start each half termly unit with an online safety lesson, in which children will learn about the risks of the internet, and how to keep themselves safe online.

We will then move on to our Animation unit in which children will learn about the history of animation and will research some of the early animation techniques used before the use of computers. Children will then compare a range of animation software and incorporate the different techniques into their own animation. After experimenting, children are then given the opportunity to evaluate their experiences.

Online Safety

Animation on Purple Mash


At Brook Lodge we are fortunate enough to have our own Modern Foreign Languages teacher, Miss Zarain. This half term's unit is called Hábitats and throughout this unit, children will learn to look out for cognates (words that are similar in Spanish and English) and use graded listening and reading activities to help consolidate the new language introducde. Children will learn in Spanish which animals and plants grow in specific habitats and look at some of their adaptations.

Spanish Academy - Biomes and Habitats


 In Music this half term, all of the learning is focused around one song, 'Blackbird' by the Beatles. Children will learn about the interrelated dimensions of music through games, singing and composing.

A Glossary of Musical Terms

Art & Design

In our Art topic this half term, children will learn different printing and painting techniques, taking inspiration from the artist Anglea Harding. They will use their sketchbooks to collect and record visual information from different sources before painting a range of different rainforest animals.

BBC Teach - Art & Design


During the Summer term, children will be learning all about; Health and Well-being (Physical Health and Mental Well-being, Growing and Changing). Children will learn how to maintain a balanced lifestyle, explore oral hygiene and dental care and understand physical and emotional changes in puberty.

Primary PHSE


Children will be learning all about Islam during his half term. In this unit, children will explore the five pillars of Islam, focussing in particular on Ramadan. During week 5 of this half term, we will be visiting Al-Rahama Mosque in Liverpool to develop our knowledge further.

Religious Education - BBC Bitesize


This half term, children will be developing their Cricket and Outdoor Activity skills. During our cricket lessons, children will learn different catching techniques and striking and running between wickets.

Our outdoor activity lessons will support children in developing strong listening skills, support children in using simple maps and clues, and encourage children to learn how to think through more complex activities to solve problems.

Physical Education - BBC Bitesize